Stockings for the Troops

Due to great success over the last several years, this year the Woman’s Club will once again be doing the “Boatsie Boxes” project.  This project sends Christmas stockings to men and women serving overseas.  The stockings,  made of red felt or other sturdy red material, can be any size between 13-19 inches.  To make sure that no soldier gets short changed, the average value of the stockings should come to $20-$25.Suggested items to include:

Food: Christmas candy, candy canes, mints, hot chocolate mix, apple cider mix, nuts, gummy “anything”, gum, dried fruit, lifesavers. You can send chocolate candy, but place them into Ziploc bags

Entertainment: DVDs, Hacky sacks, novelty balls, playing cards, puzzle books, yo-yos, pens, notepads or any items they might be able to use to unwind. DVDs are especially popular

Travel size toiletries: Toothbrush kit, chapstick, tissues, hand sanitizer, soap, deodorant (please place any liquids into Ziploc bags)

Clothing: white/black crew socks, black watch caps.

Other: prepaid phone cards (AT&T 120 minutes minimum domestic or global). The phone cards are among the most often asked for items. AA & AAA batteries.

Note on Prepaid phone cards: NJSFWC received a donation of AT&T calling cards. They come to us from a wonderful organization called “Cell Phones for Soldiers” They are available free to us to be sent to the troops. If you need any (you can have as many as you need), please call your District Advisor. 

Please add a personal greeting to the stockings; reading personal notes really lifts the morale. Close the stocking with safety pins or slipstitch to prevent items from falling out. Attach the list of items enclosed and value of stocking (needed for customs). Bring $1 per stocking to help with mailing costs.

Recognizing that this is kind of short notice and no doubt your club members have lots on their plates – there is another way Junior clubs could help.  Write personalized greetings to soldiers on cards and send them (unsealed so phone cards can be inserted where appropriate) to HQ where they can be included in prepared stockings.  There’s no limit to the number of personal greetings that can go to the young men and women who are spending the holidays away from their homes and families to defend our way of life.  If you are having a fall fund raiser – have cards available for attendees to write a holiday message to our service people.  Involve the kids – great way to make them aware of the sacrifice that our service people are making for them.

This is a great and easy way for us to support the Woman’s Club

Delivery: Deliver the stockings to the rear parking lot of Headquarters between October 15 and 26 (except Fall Conference, Oct 22) with at least one day’s notice.